Los Angeles became the United States Olympic Committee’s candidate for the 2024 Olympic Games after Boston dropped its bid in 2015. Because Hamburg, Budapest, and Rome also ditched their bids, LA and Paris were left as the only two contenders for the 2024 games. The IOC opted to avoid an equally embarrassing selection process in four years’ time, and took the unprecedented step of awarding two summer Olympics at once: 2024 to Paris and 2028 to LA.

The LA 2028 committee and Mayor Eric Garcetti have promised a “no build” Olympics, insisting that LA has all the necessary infrastructure to host. But LA is in the midst of a construction boom and critics fear the Olympics will accelerate real estate speculation and the displacement of low-income communities via gentrification. City officials have already used the Olympics as a justification to give a green light for hotel construction projects, citing a “hotel crisis.” Meanwhile, the real housing crisis is severe, with at least 66,000 people unhoused across the county of LA in 2020 (up 25% from 2018). A shortage of tenant protections amid real estate speculation means more families are losing their homes every year. Critics of the Olympics are concerned about how the unhoused population will be treated ahead of and during the 2028 Olympics, as LA’s 1984 Olympics (and many other Olympic editions) saw sweeps and increased policing of unhoused people, especially from locations that tourists and Olympics TV cameras were likely to see. Also on the topic of policing, there are additional concerns that the Olympics will be a justification for the further militarization of the police force, intensification of surveillance, and criminalization of communities of color. Because the Olympics and LA’s other sports mega-events will be designated National Special Security Events (NSSE), federal security bodies will have a greater presence and more authority in the city, potentially increasing the risks facing LA’s undocumented community.

The resistance

NOlympics LA was launched by the Housing & Homelessness committee of the Los Angeles chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America in 2017. It is a coalition of over two dozen partner organizations based in LA and California that oppose the 2028 Olympics, including:

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Policing & security

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