The resistance

nolympics: the collective of people and actions opposed to Amsterdam’s bid.

No Bread No Games: a radical action group opposed to the Olympic bid.

Resistance archives

2021 | LibCom | Ditching The Olympics [Article] [English translations]

1991 | Bilwet / NN | De Grote Overwinning Van Het Klein Vuil (The Great Victory of Small Dirt/Trash) [Dutch]

French translation:

English translation: The Great Victory of the Household Garbage: The Self-Abuse of Nolympics

“The action style was based on the spassguerilla (or “fun guerilla”) logic based on knowing what the adversary hates most to hear or see about itself, and going that one better.”

Other media resources

2016 | David Goldblatt – Time | People Have Always Hated the Olympics [Article] [English]