Okotowalink: 20 Reasons to Oppose the Tokyo Olympics

From the ever-rising costs to evictions, volunteer exploitation, imperialism and more, Okotowalink outlines twenty reasons to oppose the upcoming 2020/1 Olympics.

“With healthcare services on the brink of collapse, anxiety growing over patient triage, and even fundamental human rights no longer guaranteed, more and more residents are calling for the Tokyo Olympics to be canceled. One recent poll by Kyodo News found that 80 percent of Japanese people want the Games to be either rescheduled or called off. …

“Long before the pandemic, though, we were already calling the Olympics a disaster and campaigning for them to be canceled. This pamphlet explains 20 reasons for opposing the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games: 20 reasons they are a disaster. From here in Japan, where Fukushima and the coronavirus have both led to states of emergency, we say “No!” to what Naomi Klein calls the Pandemic Shock Doctrine, whereby the pandemic is the pretext for introducing mass digital surveillance by Big Tech. This isn’t only about Tokyo. We don’t want the Olympics in Paris, Los Angeles, or anywhere. People around the world are now starting to dream of a society without the Olympics. Let’s seize the chance to turn this dream into a reality and end the Olympics once and for all. Join us for the final push to make this happen!”

Read more on Okotowalink’s website or download the PDF below.