NOlympics LA Launches Fundraiser to Go To Tokyo

In April 2019, NOlympics LA launched a fundraiser for its July trip to Tokyo for a series of transnational protests and meetings. See the full crowdfunding pitch on Fundly, and watch the accompanying video below.

“Any city can reject the Olympics and tell the IOC that it doesn’t want the displacement, the financial devastation, the increased policing, and the corruption that comes with hosting the Games. But what does it look like for a coalition of allies from across the globe to get together and tell the IOC together, in one voice, that we will not abide the Olympics anywhere?

NOlympics LA wants to answer that question. And we need your help.

“Our comrades in Tokyo (HanGorin No Kai – 反五輪の会) have been on the frontlines of this battle. In July — one year to the 2020 Games — they will stage a series of protests, occupations and academic symposia centered on the effects of the Olympics on residents of Tokyo. Anti-Olympics organizers from host and bid cities — past, current, and future —around the globe will participate. We need your help to send representatives from LA to join this unprecedented transnational coming together of anti-Olympics organizers.”

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