Mega-events and Human Rights Violations in Rio de Janeiro: The Dossier Series

From 2011 through 2015, the Popular Committee of the World Cup and Olympics produced a series of meticulously researched dossiers of human rights violations tied to Brazil’s mega-events. The national articulation of Popular Committees of the World Cup published its first dossier on human rights violations in late 2011, aiming to show the systematic nature of violations across the country as preparations got underway for the soccer mega-event. Given Rio’s unique status as a World Cup host and the Olympics host city, Rio’s Popular Committee decided to produce a city-specific dossier. The first version was published in 2012 and was then updated in a new edition each year through 2015. Rio’s Popular Committee also produced three more thematic dossiers: on the right to housing, the right to sport, and the rights of street vendors. The final 2015 dossier was published in both Portuguese and English. It is important to note that the dossiers did not only denounce violations — they also offered a list of proposals for a more inclusive Olympic project and city.